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3D Printed Third Thumb

Opposable thumbs are one of the most important adaptations humans have developed. Being able to close your hand around something and grasp it is a game-changer when it comes to using tools and weapons. We’ve risen to the top of the food chain with only two thumbs; imagine what we could accomplish with three?

Dani Clode, a grad student at London’s Royal College of Art (RCA), has developed a 3D printed prosthetic thumb that adds a second thumb to the human hand. Her design philosophy comes from the very definition of prosthetic which means “to add”, not replace. Her transhuman philosophy is all about improvement, and not repair.

The thumb is controlled through a Bluetooth wrist bracelet and is apparently pretty easy to get the hang of.

Pressure sensors in the foot make the thumb grip.

What an interesting idea. It may seem silly but I hope to see more enhancements like this in the future. Just look at what they can do.