The New Modular Home

Did you ever play with Legos when you were a kid? Do you still play with them now? You don’t need to answer that but if even had to stop and think than you may be interested in EverBlock.

EverBlock is a company that manufacturers very large Lego like blocks that can be used to modify the design of your home. Using the blocks you can create private spaces, divide rooms in half, and build modular furniture. Take a look for yourself.

Fascinating right? But still that’s an awful lot of work. Why can’t it just build itself? Well Ten Fold Engineering has an answer for that.

As you have probably guessed, these homes build themselves in just minutes. In case you were wondering, the homes can be put back as well.

Which new home innovation do you find most amazing? Would you consider using either one? Tell us in the comments below.


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