The Cuddly Tamandua

When you think of cute animals I bet anteaters don’t make your top ten list. But I think they’re certainly worthy of consideration. One in particular is incredibly adorable. I present to you, the Tamandua.

The Tamandua lives in Central and South America. It’s habitats range from Mexico to Peru.
Their diet consists of ants and termites. It’s pretty strict because they have no teeth.
They’re so cuddly that they’ve become a very popular exotic pet worldwide.
Tamandua take to the trees when they feel threatened.
They rely on their digging claws to protect them from predators.
Pantanal 2009
In fact, their claws are so sharp they have to walk on the sides of their feet so they don’t injure themselves.
They also produce a very distinctive musk that they use to mark their territory.

For more on the Tamandua check the video below.


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