Nicki Minaj Pays Straight-A Fans College Tuition

Are you a straight-A college student who’s having a hard time paying tuition? Sure there are plenty of scholarships out there you can (and should) compete for but what if you want a patron? Like, a really weird and unexpected patron?


After receiving a tweet from a fan asking for help paying college tuition Nicki Minaj asked for proof of good grades.


Oh, and this wasn’t a one-time thing either, she continued this back and forth with her fans for over an hour.


Finally she had to shut it down because of the sheer number of requests she was getting, but Nicki promised to do it again sometime in the near future.


So was this genuine outreach to her fans in an attempt to put her money to good use or was it just really good publicity to drive her social footprint? Honestly, I think it was both. Ultimately, if you’re a struggling student who just saved $20K-$40K you probably have a new appreciation for the artist and her message, regardless of your opinions on her music itself.


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