7 Year Old Shows Off New Prosthetic Leg

Life is often cruel, unkind, and unfair. There’s a surprising amount of things we have no control over. But it’s not all doom and gloom. Even in places where you expect to find sadness it’s possible to be surprised by joy and the power of human compassion. Take for example young Anu, a seven year old in Birmingham.

She had her leg amputated at birth which you’d think would slow her down. You’d be wrong. A few days ago she got to show off her new sports prosthetic, a shiny new pink blade.

Child prosthetic’s is a topic I’ve written about before. If you’re interested in 3D printed hands you can check out this article here. Not to get too political on the matter but these kinds of prosthetic’s are increadibly expensive. On top of that, children need to get replacements every few years (they are growing up after all). Anu’s leg was partially funded by the Birmingham Government, though their funding is due to run out next March.



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