Into The Jaws Of The Snapping Turtle

In an odd confluence of happenstance today’s article combines the subjects of two previous ones, and yet really has little to do with either of them. First off, you all remember this guy right?


He was the man “brave” enough to purposely take a sting from both a tarantula hawk and a bullet ant. Both of these experiences were painful beyond description but as a pioneer in pain, Nathaniel “Coyote” Peterson has vowed to stop at nothing to experience the worst nature can throw at him.

This brings me to the other subject I’ve written about previously. Recently the snapping-turtle hunting season was cancelled indefinitely in parts of Canada. There is a fear that continued hunting will result in the snapping turtle being placed on the endangered species list. I’m sure you can all guess where this is going right? Just how painful is a snapping-turtle bite?

So it turns out that it’s really painful. Well, that great mystery of life is finally settled.


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