Snapping Turtle Hunting Season Canceled After Public Outrage

Interesting things are happening in Canada this week. Did you know that Ontario has a designated hunting season for snapping turtles? Or at least it used to. Due to tremendous public opposition the season has been suspended indefinitely, cutting the legal number of snapping turtles you’re allowed to kill a day from 2 to 0. This seems reasonable given that the turtles are an at risk species and it would be really strange to have a government endorsed hunting season for an animal that’s only a few years away from winding up as an endangered species. In case you were wondering, this leaves Saskatchewan as the only province that still has allows snapping turtle hunting.

The aptly named Alligator Snapping Turtle has incredibly powerful jaws and a spring-like neck. Best keep your distance.
They’re much easier to handle as babies though.
Their tongues have a special “vermiform” appendage that attracts prey by mimicking the movements of a worm.
Environment depletion, harvesting, pollution, and the exotic pet trade have done a number on this species over the years.

For more information on the Ontario snapping turtle crisis check out the video below.

Even with these changes the future for snapping turtles looks bleak. Hunting is just one of the causes for their population decline. Still, it’s good to see some conservational prevention instead of the usual intervention once the problem has completely spiraled out of control.


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