Cat Yoga Sweeps The Nation

There’s a new trend in yoga and surprisingly, it was started in animal shelters. All across the nation cat yoga is becoming the newest, hottest trend in relaxation exercise. Adding cats to yoga classes is a great way to enhance calm and enjoyment but it also often serves another, incredibly important purpose. In almost all cases these cats are also up for adoption. Interacting with the cats outside of the standard caged environment you usually see at animal shelters leads to visitors forming emotional attachments faster which, in turn, results in these felines getting a home that isn’t only slightly bigger than they are.

If you were curious where you could experience cat yoga, the Good Mews cat shelter in Marietta, the Greater Birmingham Humane Society, the Denver Cat Company, and many others offer this great experience, and it’s usually free!

As always, the cats are fascinated by our bizarre human behavior.
You’d think it’d be distracting but cat yoga has actually been shown to increase focus.
What better way to meet your future fur-baby?

For more on the cat yoga phenomenon check out the video below.


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