Calling All Pets (3/13/17)

Back in January we here at ThoughtVoid sent out the call for cute pet photos. It turns out our readers are avid animal lovers (real shocking, I know). We received a flood of responses and regret that we can’t show them all. To keep things fair, photos were chosen at random from among all the submissions. Now, without further ado, your pets:

1) Pippin

Named after the Lord of the Ring underdog character (pun intended) this little girl was rescued from a gang of malicious animal abusers at a local park. But don’t worry, she’s found a loving home with a wonderful family.

2) Spike

This 10 year old Yorkshire Terrier loves to play outside and hide toys around the house. Also, his fashion sense is next level. 1.jpg

3) Mystery Dog

Not all submissions came with a name, breed, or any identification. All we know is that she’s adorable and well loved.1.jpg

4) Rainer

A Maltese-Yorkie Mix or “Morkie”, as the owner puts it, who has been helping his owner overcome the pain of an undiagnosed but very serious illness. Dogs like Rainer are the very reason we love to extend our family beyond two-legged members.14

5) Maggie

Maggie is a 4 year old West Highland Terrier who loves to play more than anything else in the world. She’s very loving and wants to be helpful around the house (although she doesn’t really understand people chores.) m1m2

These are just a few of your submissions. We hope to make this a reoccurring segment so please continue to send us your pictures at Oh, and even though all featured pets this round were dogs, that’s just a coincidence! Feel free to submit any pet you want. Cat, dog, bird, ferret, snake, whatever! All are welcome at ThoughtVoid.


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