Meet Friar Moustache, World’s Cutest Monk

Did you know that there’s a patron saint of dogs? It’s true, in fact there are several. One is Saint Roch who cured the plague by making the sign of the cross over people in need. When he himself contracted the disease, he fled into the wilderness where Count Gothard’s hunting dog brought him food, and nursed him back to health by licking his wounds.

Given Christianity’s history with man’s best friend it’s not at all surprising that at a St. Francis Monastery in Cochabamba, Bolivia, their newest member walks on all fours. Named Friar Bigotón (literally Friar Moustache, no seriously) he’s been given his own habit and ritual duties.

Which includes preaching to the fish.
Being adorable.
Welcoming visitors. 
And spreading joy by being a dog.
He’s found a new family here.
He’s also a master at giving hugs.
His clothes are a perfect fit.
It looks like this friar found his place in the world.

Hopefully this will start a trend of churches adopting needy animals. According to Jorge Fernandez: “His life is all about playing and running. Here, all of the brothers love him very much. He is a creature of God.”


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