Quick Thinking Striker Saves Opponent’s Life

If you were to make a list of the most dangerous sports I bet soccer wouldn’t even make your top ten. For the most part, there isn’t even supposed to be any contact between players. But of course the reality of the game is quite different from how it appears in rule books. One bad collision and you can end someone’s life. Which is almost what happened to Bohemians goalkeeper Martin Berkovec recently.

After colliding with a fellow teammate Martin Berkovec was knocked unconscious with his tongue lodged in his windpipe. Luckily for him Francis Kone, a striker for Slovacko the opposing team, was near by. Francis jumped to action and pulled the stuck tongue out of the way, clearing the windpipe and saving Martin’s life.

After he recovered Martin wrote on Francis’s Facebook saying, “I would like to thank Francis Kone for his quick action in saving me during today’s match. I am grateful for the prompt help, and once again THANK YOU!!!”

Francis later told reporters:“It wasn’t the first time I have done that. It’s something like the fourth time. Twice in Africa, once in Thailand. I immediately checked to see if he had swallowed his tongue.”

If that’s not good sportsmanship I don’t know what is.


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