Coyote Pup Cactus Catastrophe

Nature can be harsh and sometimes it really seems like it’s out to get us. Between stinging nettle, flash floods, and sinkholes; you never know what’s going to happen when you step outside. For us, going into a natural setting is a choice and when things get too rough, we can always retreat back to the safety of our homes, hospitals, and pharmacies. If you were say, a coyote, things would be a little more complicated.

Poor little guy.

When Gwen Maxwell of Phoenix, Arizona looked out into her backyard a few days ago she was genuinely surprised to see a cactus rolling around and howling in pain. The tangled mess of needles turned out to be a coyote pup covered in cholla cactus spines. It’s mother was just a few yards away, staring on in helplessness.

Not having hands makes medical assistance so much harder.

When rescue workers showed up on the scene it was clear that both the pup and the mom were aware they had come only to help. Neither of them displayed aggressive behavior even though the removal of the spines was likely very painful.

What could either of them do?

When the pup was cleaned up and free of painful needles it quickly ran to its mother’s side, and they both disappeared back into the wild.

That’s the face of a pup who’s had a hard day.

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