Australian Easter Gets A New Mascot

For some reason, there’s always been a strange connection between rabbits, eggs, and Easter. Nothing about the modern religious aspect of the holiday has anything to say about this iconography, and yet it persists. The Easter Bunny is one of those things we all just sort of accept. But what if bunnies took a few years off and yielded their position to another animal who might need the attention more? After all, not every animal multiples like…well…rabbits.

The Australian bilby, also known as rabbit-bandicoots are native to, you guessed it, Australia. This endangered marsupial has an estimated worldwide population of only 400. Following a successful campaign they’ve come to replace┬áthe rabbit as the chocolate molded mascot for Easter, at least in parts of Australia. Confectionery companies are selling bilby treats all over the outback, and donating a percentage of the profits to special endangered species funds.

Those massive ears would fit right in with Easter candy.
Can the world really stand to lose such an adorable creature?
Putting your cause into chocolate is a surefire way to get attention.
Some have even given them a royal welcome.
They have a long way to go before they’re safe from the threat of extinction.

For more on the Bilby check out the video below.


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