Frolicsome Friday Ferrets

Let me as a question. What is the most playful and mischievous, trouble-making pet you can keep in the house? For my money that describes Ferrets to a t. These lanky tricksters always find a way to get into trouble. If you want to keep one as a pet you’d better ferret-proof your home or you may end up finding your car keys buried in┬áthe stuffing of your mattress.

Still, despite their troublesome nature they are some of the most loving and loyal pets you’ll ever find. Plus, they love to play. See for yourself:

Of course sometimes it’s the owners that get to have all the fun.

Their caretakers do tend to be a little crazy about them. That’s normal…right?

It doesn’t take much to keep these little guys happy or entertained for hours.

Even something as simple as a box with packing peanuts can become a playground for them.

They sure are cute but such a handful. If you want to adopt one be sure to do your research first.


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