Wannabe Thief Gets Stuck In Second Story Window

When you have a bad day at work what’s the worst that can happen? Well, I suppose that depends on what you do for a living but for most people it usually means getting chewed out by a manager, making a fool of yourself in front of your boss, or accidentally creating more work for yourself through some easily avoidable error. For¬†Sean Crawshaw it meant being stuck in a bathroom window suspended 15 feet of the ground. However, when he was finally freed by firefighters he didn’t get to go home, instead he went to jail.


You see Sean Crawshaw was caught trying to break into a residence in Radcliffe, England a few weeks ago. Things clearly didn’t go as planned for the master thief. He was discovered by the homeowner who turned out to be a 60 year old woman coming back from a shopping trip in town.

This was just not his day.

He later pled guilty to burglary with intent to steal, and was sentenced to 2 years and 4¬†months in prison. That’s more than enough time to consider what went wrong.


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