Lin-Manuel Miranda On Sesame Street And SNL

Sesame Street is no stranger to star power. The little children’s show that could has featured Buzz Aldrin, Maya Angelou, Kofi Annan, and Michael Jackson over the years. A few years ago though it hosted one of the most successful movers and shakers of modern theater to ever take the stage. Lin-Manuel Miranda is the creator and star of the hit Broadway musical Hamilton and has won a Pulitzer Prize, two Grammys, an Emmy, a MacArthur Fellowship, and three Tony Awards for his contributions to theater. On Sesame Street however, he’s just a run of the mill bird real-estate agent looking for a commission.

Even as a real-estate agent he knows how to throw down a rap (is that what the kids say?) That must be the most interesting way I’ve ever had habitats explained to me.

Since his Hamilton debut he’s guest stared on many iconic American shows. His appearance on Saturday Night Live pays homage to the show’s long and storied history.

And of course the show runners couldn’t let him guest star without working in a musical number.

I never tried theater in High School so I feel comfortable saying this is 100% accurate.


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