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Worst Flop In Basketball History?

As we all know, America is all about its sports. From coast to coast people cheer on their favorite teams everyday. Children grow up with athletic trading cards, EPSN, and peewee/farm leagues. Even if you really aren’t that into baseball, you heard about the Cubs history making Word Series win. Even if you personally don’t care about football, you know when the Superbowl is on. In Columbus you can tell Buckeye home games just from city traffic patterns. This is all to say, we take our sports seriously.

That’s why it’s no wonder people booed at what might be some of the worst over-exaggeration of fouling ever caught on film. Take a look for yourself

That flopping player is Dillon Brooks of the University of Oregon. To be fair, exaggerating fouls in basketball is nothing new but I doubt he’ll get an Oscar nomination for this acting. What’s even more interesting is that aside from this bit of comedy, Dillon actually had an amazing game and led his team in points. The Ducks even ended up winning 73-67. But that’s not what everyone is talking about.


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