Dog Trapped On Railroad Tacks Is Kept Alive By Her Companion

When residents of Uzhgorod, Ukraine stumbled upon 2 dogs laying in the middle of the railroad tracks they were certain disaster was looming. Attempts to approach the dogs were met with fierce barks and bared teeth. Then the inevitable happened, a train came down the tracks too fast to stop. Onlookers watched in horror as the train passed over the dogs. Finally it passed entirely but where one would expect to see some heart-breaking grizzly display, instead the two dogs were fine.

It turns out that Lucy, was being protected by her boyfriend Panda who would snuggle up close to her and push her down into the tracks when a train passed. Lucy had been injured to the point where she couldn’t walk on her own power anymore, and Panda never left her side, despite the fact that she was trapped in one of the worst places imaginable. The two were eventually rescued by concerned citizens who assumedly had the right gear to handle overly protective dogs. But, it’s believed they were stranded on the tracks for at least two days.

Both dogs were rushed to the vet and have made full recoveries.

Even on the ride to the vet they were inseparable. 

I knew dogs were loyal but this is almost too incredible to believe.


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