Cross-Country Dog Run Helps Shelter Dogs Exercise And Find Forever Homes

Dogs need a lot of space to run around and exercise. The sad truth is that even in loving and well-meaning homes space is often at a premium. Dogs who find themselves in animal shelters have it particularly rough. That’s why St. Joseph, a Santa Barbara High School, volunteered to take some of them on a fun run with their cross-county team. 12 lucky pooches from the Santa Barbara County Animal Shelter got to race their little hearts out up and down running trails until they had their fill. The exercise was such a success (not to mention a great motivator for the kids) that the team hopes to make a tradition out of it.

The video of the run has gone viral, and the whole event served as a great way to help the dogs get adopted. Its also helped raise community awareness, and donations of food and running harnesses have been made to the shelter in support. Other animal shelters in the area are considering starting similar events. Anything to help these adorable pups find their forever homes.


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