Bike Tangled In Electric Fence Is Shockingly Funny

Lets face it, if you ride your bike long enough, you’re going to eventually get into an accident. No matter how skilled you are the world is full of unexpected surprises, and not everyone who shares the road with you is likely to be as careful as you might like. That said, I can’t think of a worse place to lose a bike than in an electric fence. It sounds almost too comical to be real but this actually happened to a group of British bikers. While exploring the countryside they found a fence blocking their path. Their solution was simple, just lift the bike up and set it down on the other side. It probably would have worked too, but the fence had other ideas. See for yourself.

I’m sure there’s some grand moral about respecting private property, sticking to the road, or not taking things for granted, but honestly I can’t get over how weirdly hilarious this is. What gets me is that they seem to have picked the only section of the entire fence that’s electrified to try to cross. If they had just gone a foot to the left or right, this video wouldn’t exist. I also love that their first concern after getting the bike free is fixing the fence they just messed up. So polite.


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