Conquering The Bullet Ant

Back in October I wrote a piece about a brave man’s journey to climb theĀ  Schmidt sting pain index. At that time he was attempting rank 2 on that scale, the Tarantula Hawk. His experiences went about as well as you’d expect.

No surprises here, it hurt. A lot.

But now, just a few months later, our intrepid masochist..errr..I mean adventurer is at it again. This time he’s traveled south of the border to find the king of sting; the most painful insect in the world. I’m of course referring to the legendary bullet ant. So named because getting stung by one feels like getting shot with a gun. How does he fair? See for yourself.

As you can only imagine, the pain was unbearable. In fact, the sting was so damaging that it took over a day (and many boxes of medicine) before it began to recede. He later posted a followup video to show the precautions he took after the sting to reduce its long-term effects.

Yeah. Still not doing this. Ever.


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