Christmas Light Extravaganza

Tis the season of ice and snow, at least if you live in the American Midwest. The holidays are a time for shoveling the driveway, wrapping the pipes, lugging all the decorations up from the basement, and listening to your relatives talk awkwardly about religion, politics, and conspiracy theories. Oh yeah, it’s also the time to reflect on the better parts of our human nature, and extend our hands in charity and love to our fellow men.

During these cold, overcast days it’s no wonder people love to decorate their homes. However, for some a dolled up tree and a few wreaths just aren’t going to cut it. Every town has people who don’t stop stringing lights until the blow their fuse box to shrapnel. But boy are those lights pretty. Take a look at some “extremely” bright houses and judge for yourself.

Make sure you stay off the grass! 
This one’s almost too busy to tell any individual set-piece apart. 
Here’s what you get if you condense the Vegas Strip down into a single yard.
Okay, this is actually really cool…and a little creepy. Love it.
The amount of math involved in setting this up is startling. 
Okay, so this one isn’t really a house. It’s still pretty neat though.
How do you get to the door? 
This one is a bit toned down but I appreciate for its simplicity and classiness. 
How can you even sleep with all this light? 

Pretty cool right? I know there are many more outstanding houses out there just waiting to be shown off. Please feel free to post your house in the comments or on our Facebook page.


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