The Dancing Brush Of Xuan Wang

As much as I love writing about weird animals and far off locales it’s always a treat to do a piece on a young and upcoming artist. Xuan Wang is an amateur painter working out of Beijing. She’s a well traveled scholar and has been all over the world. Therefore it’s no surprise that cultural influences from Asia, America, and Europe can be seen in her work. Like many of the masters she’s studied, her style has a powerful tactile reality that comes right off the canvas. See for yourself:


Like myself, Xuan has a fascination with nature and it serves as the inspiration for much of her work.


Of course as an artist she doesn’t limit herself to just one topic of expression.


Xuan’s use of color blending suggests real primal talent and an eye for shading that few could hope to match.


Natural scenes, such as the one above, contain energy and action that threatens to burst from the frame.


Other works invoke a sense of calm and quiet reflection.


Some pieces are a study in coloration, depth, and structure.


Other works deliver pure, explosive emotion.


And scenes you just wish you could walk into.


Her style permeates every work, from the classical to the more exotic.


No matter the subject matter, Xuan never misses an opportunity to play with color.


We can only hope this young artist never puts down her brush.


For more on Xuan Wang you can check out her website here.xuan.jpg


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