The Strange Aquatic Beauty Of The Feather Star

When I started writing it was always my intention to reach out to animal lovers and fans of nature. Mostly, that’s what happened, although not always in the ways I expected. I’ve been surprised to discover just how many of my readers are fans of Pokemon. Nearly every article I post that features some strange or bizarre animal gets bombarded with colorful pictures of lookalike Pokemon. Not that that’s a bad thing. I’m interested to see if there’s any corollary for this one; the otherworldly Feather Star.

These strange looking sea-dwellers are actually Crinoids and come in a variety of colors, which makes sense given that many of them make their homes in coral reefs. Unlike some of the animals I’ve shown off in the past, these primitive guys are filter-feeders and so are incapable of hurting anything larger than plankton. Mostly they just crawl around on the ocean floor but they can swim when they have to. What makes them so special is their unique and amazing coloration.


Although they are technically starfish, they really don’t look similar at all.


Their nervous systems are really quite strange and consist of rings of nerve tissue that overlap. Each arm receives only one nerve dedicated to motor control.


Although they may look fragile, the feather star actually boasts a protective exoskeleton to ward off potential predators.


These amazing creatures are also known as Sea Lilies. It’s not hard to see why.


To get a look at these natural wonders, check out the videos below.


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