Puppy Nailed To Railroad Track Learns To Walk Again

Hudson’s had a difficult life. Although not much is known about his previous owner, at only 3 months old he was found nailed to the railroad tracks in Albany alongside his two brothers. Pit bulls are tough dogs by nature but as tiny puppies there was little they could do to protect themselves from an abusive owner. One of his brothers died and the other lost his toes. Hudson lost one of his paws. He was rushed to an animal hospital right after discovery but recuse workers doubted he would even survive the trip. Perhaps a decade ago he would have died on the operating table but our modern advances in life-saving technology made it possible to stabilize him in time. 1.jpg

I’ve already talked about the miraculous influence 3D printing has had on the development of cheap and customizable prosthetics. This amazing technology has changed the way we approach physical therapy for amputees and has created many new opportunities for quick and simple therapeutic interventions. It turns out that Hudson’s story touched engineer  Derrick Campana’s heart, and the animal orthotist set about designing a new replacement paw for the injured pup. 3.jpg

During the months of learning to walk with his new paw, Hudson began the process of healing his invisible scars. Abuse often has a terrible effect on its victims and Hudson was no exception. Getting him to open up and learn to trust again has been a challenge for his new caretaker, Richard Nash. Only through love, patience, and understanding has Hudson slowly come out of his shell and started to enjoy life again. Being able to run around has certainly helped too.  2.jpg
Now Hudson is a bit of a celebrity. He earned his certification to become a therapy dog and travels around the country visiting hospitals, schools, and nursing homes. Last year he was honored by the American Humane Association at the annual Hero Dog Awards, and even got to walk the red carpet!

For more on his story check out the video below.


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