American Bald Eagles Become Trapped In Sewer Drain After Fighting For Dominance.

In the wake of the greatest political upset in America’s history it’s no surprise that the election has taken over every corner of the internet. Of course I have my own opinions about the outcome but this isn’t really the place for that sort of discussion. Instead let me bring you something that’s totally apolitical; something that won’t start a war on your Facebook page.

Last Thursday rescue workers saved two American Bald Eagles that had become lodged in a storm drain in Florida. Apparently the two eagles became stuck after their territorial fight caused them to crash into the sewer. Although these birds are very majestic in the air, their presence is quite diminished when seen stuck in a sewer grate. I can only imagine a series of poor choices about their future welfare lead them to this humbling state.

Eventually the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission managed to free them and one flew off right away. The other was hurt and had to be sent to the Audubon Center for Birds of Prey in Maitland. cw76weuxaaa7xdt
Hopefully both birds will recover from this mess and learn from their mistakes. Only time will tell.


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