Charlotte: The Colossal Spider

It’s easy to say you’re an animal lover if you aren’t forced to hug the creepy-crawly ones as well. However, some people take their love of animals to its extreme and welcome every creature with open arms, no matter how many legs they may have. I’ve already written about how spiders are often unfairly maligned despite being much more helpful and much less dangerous than people seem to think. Meet Charlotte, a rescued Huntsman Spider that’s easily the size of a small dog. In case you were wondering, Huntsman Spider’s rarely grow larger than 5 inches, and no, they aren’t dangerous to humans.

Given her size it shouldn’t come as any surprise that Charlotte was discovered in Australia. Barnyard Betty’s Rescue, a sanctuary for unwanted and mistreated animals took her in when no one else would. Although Charlotte is a far cry from the usual animals that end up in the rescue, she has been welcomed all the same. 2.jpg
Charlotte is not aggressive in the least, and spends most of her time lazying about and eating insects. Although she has gotten a great deal of attention lately there are many other animals at the rescue that were also in need of help.

Like Susie here, who was destined for the butcher’s block.3.jpg
Or One Horn who was rescued from a petting zoo.4.jpg
Or even these babies who know how to rock their tiny sweaters!5.jpg

While Charlotte may be the star of Barnyard Betty’s there are plenty of other animals that have been helped. If you’d like to know more about them you can check them out here on their website or here on their Facebook.


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