Tortoise Lost And Found

Accidents happen. Really, there’s no way to avoid them completely. Sometimes things get lost in the shuffle. Sometimes mistakes are made. It’s easy place the blame on yourself or others but the reality is that as imperfect beings, we are going to mess things up sometimes. Such was the case with the Almeida Family.

In 1982 the Almeidia household underwent renovations. During this time their pet tortoise Manuela went missing. At the time they assumed that she had escaped from the house and into the Brazilian forest that surrounded their home. Although it’s always sad to lose a pet, there wasn’t much they could do after searches failed to turn up any evidence that led to her discovery.

Jump forward 30 years. In 2013 the father of the family, Leonel Almeida, passed away and it was up to his children to go through his belongings and sort through the house and estate. It turns out Leonel was a bit of a pack-rat and had a whole room of objects he’d “found” or “recovered” from the street. Assuming it was all junk (I mean, wouldn’t you?) his now-grown up kids started to chuck it all in the trash. Fortunately, neighbor spotted something odd in one of the boxes and saved it from the garbage can. Can you guess what it was? That’s right, the family pet Manuela was stowed away in a box full of old broken records. Apparently the stubborn tortoise survived decades locked away in the junk room by feeding on termites and naturally occurring condensation. Needless to say it was a surprising reunion.

Vets have suggested that it’s possible Maneula survived by lowering her body temperature and slowing down her metabolism so that she required less food.
TV Globo
Of course some people believe the whole thing is a hoax. Nevertheless experts seem to think such a thing is possible.
Flickr/CC BY-SA 2.0

Hoax or not it’s an incredible story and a great excuse to learn more about these fascinating creatures.


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  1. I found a box turtle still alive in a tin shed that was in a 5 gallon bucket. No one had been there for over a year and it survived. I guess mainly spiders and flies. I immediately took it to the garden hose and he came out of that shell and drank deeply. He then escaped out of the small fenced in backyard, but at least hes out of that bucket


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