Grace VanderWaal’s Got Talent

A few weeks ago I wrote about the miraculous America’s Got Talent debut of the 12 year old musical genius Grace VanderWaal. Even back then I predicted that she would go far (I know, not really that risky of a bet). Let’s just say I wasn’t too surprised when she won the whole show. Every song she sang during the competition was an original and each one is worth listening to (over and over again in my opinion). Now that the season is over and she’s westward bound to Las Vegas it’s the perfect time to review her performances. So, starting from the first one, here they are:

The Golden Buzzer
When Grace first took the stage nobody had any idea what to expect. Few would have imagined that this 12 year old girl nobody had ever heard of would leave the stage to a standing ovation. This is the kind of thing that attracts people to the show to begin with.

Oh and in case you were put off by that Taylor Swift comment, she agrees!

After her surprise success Grace had some time on her hands before her next round in the competition. She filled this time by throwing free concerts and generally winning over the heart of America with her innocence and sincerity.

After proving that she wasn’t a one-hit-wonder Grave continued to amaze crowds with her insightful and heartfelt music one more time. If there was ever any doubt that she was the real deal, that doubt was put to rest.

As if saving the best for last, Grace’s original “Clay” was more than enough to put her over the top and secure her victory. Like her first song, this one dealt with self-esteem and personal image. However, “Clay” also touches on darker themes of bullying and cruelty as seen through the eyes of a child. 

Grace has a whole YouTube channel full of music that never made it on the show and I highly recommend checking it out. Here’s one of my favorites.

For so long the tween voice has come from adults targeting the younger generation. Now, they have at least one of their own.


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