Corey Feldman’s “Unique” Performance

Nostalgia is a strange landscape full of have remembered dialog and incessant jingles. The 80’s were an especially weird time to have grown up. Music may be reinvented with every decade but if the 60’s and 70’s were its coming of age period, than the 80’s were certainly its “back from freshman year of college” weird experimental phase. Movies, on the other hand, went through a Renaissance of sorts. Corey Feldman was one of the most accomplished 80’s child actors of the time and I still get shivers from his performance in Stand By Me, the amazing movie adaptation of Stephen King’s The Body. In the 2000’s Corey’s career was all over the place as he bounced around between movies, reality TV, and even cartoons and theater. However, he’s always made it clear that music is his greatest passion. Yesterday his band “Corey’s Angels” performed their newest outing “Go 4 It” on the Today Show. It’s actually impossible to describe the performance with our limited human words so I highly suggest just watching it for yourself.

If I didn’t know any better I’d say this was some kind of stab at satire. Except…it isn’t. As you can imagine Corey has received endless criticism and mockery for his outlandish dance moves and bizarre warbling vocals. It’s clear where he draws his inspiration; though perhaps it’s for the best that Michael Jackson isn’t still around to see it. Although I found the performance to be…strange….I’m not going to jump on the mocking bandwagon. Music is, after all, a subjective experience. What do you think? Tell me in the comments below!



  1. Corey….the love of my childhood. I caught myself saying “what the hell” out loud a couple times. But come on…who couldn’t love this!


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