Taming The Wild Hummingbird

Has nature ever molded a creature more energetic than the hummingbird? These tiny, buzzing little birds can beat their wings 12-90 times a second (depending on species). Such beautiful birds are always welcome guests to our gardens and many people put out feeders full of sugar and nectar just to attract them. They may not be the most exotic animals in the world but that doesn’t mean they aren’t fascinating. To fully appreciate a  hummingbird’s flight one must see it in slow-motion.

It’s no wonder that people are drawn to these masterful flyers. Some people even go so far as to claim they’ve tamed these wild birds. I remain skeptical but perhaps you should judge for yourself:

Sometimes you just need to take a breather. All that flying around can get really tiring… I imagine.

Hand feeding is a whole lot messier when your guests don’t eat solid food.

It’s always heartwarming to see people open their homes to animals in need.

This video makes harmony between man and wild beast seem like the most natural thing in the world.

Hummingbirds are truly amazing animals and I encourage everyone to put out feeders for them. Be sure to look up their dietary needs in advance and DO NOT feed them sweetener!


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