Mischievous Monkey Pickpockets

Ever since the invention of pockets, man has had to worry about the invasive and nimble fingers of his less reputable peers. Pickpocketing is one of the oldest criminal traditions in the world and even today there are unsafe places where you’d be wise to take special precautions to safeguard your wallet and keys. Normally, we only need to worry about other people when it comes to crime but it seems that some members of the animal kingdom are natural thieves. I’ve already talked about the hit and run tactics of dolphins so today let’s look at another beloved mammalian cousin, the monkey. Monkeys get into everything and their curiosity is on par with that of children. It’s no surprise they find pockets to be irresistible.

As I said, people love monkeys. Even when they’re stealing food onlookers are paralyzed by the absurd cuteness of the situation.

I won’t spoil this video except to say that Shabu has his own set of priorities and he has no concept of personal space.

These tourists were lucky their pockets were already empty. Even buttons are no defense from a monkey’s tiny fingers.

Some monkeys are less subtle and go for the smash and grab approach.

Even when imprisoned these mischievous little guys can’t keep their hands to themselves.

Next time you walk past the monkey exhibit at the zoo be sure to keep your hands in your pockets. You never know when your wallet might get lifted by unseen primate hands.


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