Endangered Devils

One of the most iconic yet misunderstood exotic animals you’ve likely heard of is the Tasmanian Devil. While you might imagine the whirling tornado of gluttony and guttural grunting that the Looney Tunes portray with Taz, the real animal might surprise you. Honestly, if I had to describe them I’d say they were more like tiny bears than anything else. Their babies, called joeys, are exceptionally cute. It’s really a shame they’re endangered. See for yourself.

The Tasmanian Devil is the largest carnivorous marsupial on the planet.
As their name suggests they can be found only on the Austrian island state of Tasmania.
These cute little guys were nicknamed “Beelzebub’s pup” by early explorers due to its haunting nighttime vocalizations
Devils are fully grown in two years and usually only survive about seven years in the wild.
They prefer to eat wombats but will settle for any small mammal, bird, or amphibian they can get their claws on.
The Tasmanian Devil is threatened by human encroachment, dingo populations, illegally introduced foxes, road expansion, disease, and pollution.
Despite their provocative name, the devils are really no threat to people and are usually very skittish when in the presence of people.
Devil babies are referred to as joeys, pups, and even sometimes as imps.
Many organizations are working feverishly to prevent their extinction including the Devil Ark program.
I wish I could have one as a pet, but then again, I say that about almost every animal I write about.

For a long and very thorough look at the Tasmanian Devil check out this cool documentary.


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