West Side Market: The True Flavor Of Cleveland

When you think of city life what comes to mind? Most people talk about the noise, pollution, traffic, and crime. Life in the city is much faster and louder than the suburbs or the countryside, but it’s not without its advantages. At its core a city offers a space for all kinds of people to come together and exchange goods, services, and ideas. Sometimes this even results in the creation of generation spanning institutions that come to reflect the soul of the city. West Side Market in Cleveland is one such institution and represents all that is great about the CLE.

West Side Market first opened in 1912 and is Cleveland’s oldest continually operating municipally owned market.
It was designed by renowned local architects W. Dominick Benes and Benjamin Hubbell, and is 241′ by 124′ with a 44′ ceiling.
Many stalls are owned by individual families and are  passed down from generation to generation. Some even stretch back to the market’s opening in 1912.
The total construction cost was $734,890.72 and the original layout accommodated 109 stands.
Over the years several multimillion dollar expansions have served to modernize the Market.
Fresh produce, dairy, and meat are available for lunchtime meals and home cooking.
The market also serves many hard to find specialized ethnic foods.
With a rich and a welcoming atmosphere, this market has become the pride and joy of Cleveland.
This year it was announced that the market would have regular Sunday hours for the first time in its history.
Many local residents have abandoned traditional grocery stores in favor of this unique cultural landmark.
Next time you’re in Cleveland make sure to stop by and grab a bite to eat.

For a more in dept look at the storied history of the West Side Market check out the video below.


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