Dolphin Kleptomaniacs

Everyone knows dolphins are really smart. Honestly, that’s a big part of their appeal. That and how carefree and childlike they can be. Certainly they exhibit a fascination with the world that’s almost on par with humans. When they see something that catches their eye they can’t help but snatch it up. I mean, it could be something really fun or tasty right? Last weekend a visitor at SeaWorld got first hand experience of how curious these delightful creatures can be.

Of course that’s hardly the first time a dolphin has surprised onlookers with their quick reactions and grabby….fins.

Okay, so maybe those weren’t stealing in the traditional sense. But this definitely is:

That’s straight up robbery. Still, can you blame him? That’s the dolphin equivalent of stealing a cooling pie off a windowsill. I guess it pays to never underestimate a dolphin when there’s fish on the line.


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