Orangutan Tiger Caretaker

Let’s face it, in the wild it’s always a dog eat dog world. Animals are forced to struggle just to survive. They don’t often have time for sentimentality, mercy, or inter-species compassion. However, sometimes when you take animals out of the state of nature and place them in a safe-space, they feel more comfortable indulging their softer sides. At least that’s my personal theory. I don’t know how else to explain the incredible friendship that’s blossomed at Myrtle Beach Safari. I would never expect to see Orangutans and Tiger cubs getting along in the wild but here, they are free to let their guard down and become friends. Don’t believe me? Check this video out.

You’d think that orangutan was the actual mother of those little tiger cubs. The Myrtle Beach Safari park raises and donates money to protect endangered species (in particular big cats). For more information check out their Preservation Station website here.


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