Everything Is Always Moving

Time. The unconquered conqueror. It’s always moving forward though we rarely notice it except when observing the passing moments that guide the schedule of our lives. The world is always changing, always moving. Even as you watch Netflix or browse Facebook the world spins at 1,040 mph, it revolves around the sun at 67,000 mph, as the solar system revolves around the Milky Way at 45,000 mph. All the while you are moving with it, traveling vast unimaginable distances while clicking on cute cat videos and watching reality TV. The point is that it’s hard to grapple with issues such as time and distance because our perspective is so limited. It’s easier to imagine if you can see its effects with your own eyes.

These time lapse videos do a great job of showing how nothing is ever really staying still. Even the stars wheel in the vault of heaven.

The world is as amazing as it is dynamic. Next time you start feeling overwhelmed by the pressures of your life remember that you are always moving forward, even when you’re standing still.


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