What The Heck Is A Fur Mirror?

Art is a powerful thing. A song can move us where no words can reach. A painting can stir feelings long forgotten. Art can inform, educate, uplift, and entertain. Sometimes though, it can be disturbing. One installation at bitforms gallery this year is a very odd device called the “PomPom Mirror“. From a distance it looks like nothing more than an octagon of fuzzy extrusions. However, a sensor hanging above it actually tracks movement. The mirror reflects changes in its vicinity by shifting the color of fur on its outside. It’s hard to explain so it’s best to see for yourself.

While this is undeniably cool, it would be really disturbing if you didn’t know what it was.

The mirror uses 928 fake fur pom poms and 464 motors to create the effect.
The ghostly shadow reflections are weirdly accurate.

As far as interactive art goes this one is just plain cool. I’d love to have a whole wall of these and put on the best shadow puppet plays of all time (although that might be cheating.)


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