Zombie Gnomes Of The Apocalypse!

Halloween is still a few months out but it’s never too early to start making preparations. This year instead of the traditional plastic skeletons with LED glowing eyes and spray-on cobwebs why not make your lawn truly frightening? The Canadian company RevenantFX specializes in putting a horrifying twist on modern lawn ornamentation. Many people have cheerful lawn gnomes living out their quiet days adorning well manicured lawns with freshly cut grass and matching patio sets. The artists at RevenantFX dare you to look at the darker, gorier side of Gnome culture.

If this won’t keep the kids off your lawn, nothing will.
Each piece is lovingly handcrafted with excruciating attention to detail.
Even some of horror’s most recognizable monsters have been shrunken down to gnome size.
When you sleep at night don’t be surprised if they show up in your dreams.
Also, you might want to avoid saying their names three times in the bathroom mirror.
Some of them, like Peter Rotten Tail here, can be used for multiple holidays.
You can tell the creators put a lot of heart into their work.
And they are obviously horror buffs.
RevenantFX has been making these creepy creations since 2012.
They showcased their work at this years Montreal Comic Con.
They also make scary masks and other products any horror lover would die for.

If you like what you see you can check them out here at their Etsy page or here at their company website.


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