Rambo The Alligator

One of the most fascinating relationships people form is the bond with their pets. There’s something about bringing an animal into your home and into your life that opens the door and lets them into your heart. I’ve met plenty of people who’ve told me they like their cats or dogs more than most people they’ve met. And I get it. I’ve always had pets that were treated like members of the family. The fear that they could be taken away from me is unthinkable and heart wrenching. Mary Thorn is facing such a nightmare except she isn’t losing a cat or dog, but an alligator.

Thorn raised Rambo from a young age along with a few of his siblings. Now he’s the only one left. Thorn credits his survival with being treated as a member of the family instead of as a dangerous animal. Not only does Rambo get to stay in the house, he’s even potty trained! Over the last 11 years little Rambo has grown to over 6 feet long. Unfortunately, Florida Fish and Wildlife officials require alligators of that size to live on properties of at least 2.5 aches. Thorn doesn’t have the extra land required and instead is seeking a special dispensation from the state. She fears Rambo won’t last long among other alligators because he’s basically been raised as a human. She described the situation  in this way: “I’m losing my kid, and that’s going to hurt a lot.” Whatever the state decides I can only hope Rambo is well taken care of.

As you can see, his life isn’t what you would call typical for an alligator.
I shouldn’t be surprised that a cold-blooded animal can be this cool.
In some ways he really is like a modern kid.
The two are inseparable.
Rambo is very well behaved and never bites. He’s even safe around children.
In fact he even understands a little sign language.
It might surprise you to learn that he’s attracted a bit of a local fan base.
Rambo loves wearing clothing and many of his outfits are handmade for his unique shape.

For more on Rambo check out this news report below.


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