Abandoned Buildings

Mankind has spread his reach far and wide over planet Earth. Wherever people converge they inevitably strip the surrounding land of resources and erect buildings of wood, metal, and stone to block out the natural world. We even go as far as paving the ground so that in some cities, a field of grass (what would be the most common and natural thing to find anywhere else) becomes a protected luxury and major selling point. But never trick yourself into thinking we have the upper hand on nature. Grass breaks up our roads, ice shatters our pipes, insects devour our floors, and nature reclaims all of our creations given enough time. Check out these eerie buildings from all over the world. In just a few short decades see what weather and intrusive native life can do to shaped steel, molded plastic, and treated wood.

Take a look at what was once the marvelous Lee Plaza Hotel. I bet they have some vacancies.
This study looks like it could be right out of Disney’s Haunted Mansion.
It looks like they used to really pack people in here.
This abandoned house in Belgium is in dire need of spring cleaning.
All we know about this unidentified building is that it’s somewhere in Milwaukee.
As you can see, abandoned buildings are attractive to graffiti artists who like to put their tags in places where they won’t be removed.
I’ve stayed in worse hotel rooms than this.
Life finds a way.
This gymnasium isn’t up to code.
Yugoslavia had a hard time keeping their business from going under in the 90s. The weekly 313 million percent inflation rates didn’t help much.
Welcome to the Bulgarian Communist Party Headquarters. Mind the steps.
This church is still pretty colorful, even after all these years.
Something about this park gives me Goosebumps.

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