The Beautiful Blobfish

It has been said that beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Heck, you’ve probably said it yourself. It’s easy to say that about cute, cuddly, adorable animals you already like. But, what about creatures that are aesthetically…challenged? Take the blobfish for example, you can tell how people felt about it based on its name. This deep ocean fish evolved to thrive in a very different environment than what we experience. However, that didn’t stop people from voting it “world’s ugliest animal”. The blobfish is so famous for being ugly that it was selected as the mascot for the Ugly Animal Preservation Society. This organization believes pretty animals get an unfair amount of attention, protection, and resources. Unfortunately, the blobfish is extremely endangered┬áso it┬áneeds all the help it can get.

I think the blobfish has gotten an unfair shake. Many of the pictures you find of it were taken long after it decompressed (which it does when brought to the surface since it lives at the bottom of the ocean which has more atmospheric pressure.) What I think the blobfish needs is better PR, and we can start right now!

The blobfish has no bones and takes on its signature appearance only when removed from the water
Actually coming to the surface is deadly. No blobfish has ever been removed from the ocean alive.
As you can see, when they’re in their element they actually look much different.
If this was how we saw them I doubt they’d have even been considered one of the ugliest animals on Earth.
Is it really fair to judge them based on what they look like deflated?
Even if that look does have a certain charm to it.
Of course they don’t look pretty to our eyes, they live at the bottom of the ocean!
Maybe it’s time to stop judging them by our standards of beauty.

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