Saving Baby “Jane” Doe

Who wouldn’t be thrilled to spot a family of deer on their land? Darius Sasnauskas sure was until he noticed that one of the newborns was having a lot of trouble walking. The fawn was so unsteady and weak that its family was forced to leave it behind; a cold reminder that as beautiful as nature can be, it’s still always a struggle for survival. Of course being the nature lover that he was Darius couldn’t just leave the poor thing to the local predators of Yellowstone National Park. So he did what had to be done, he adopted it. For the first week she actually slept on his bed and received around the clock attention. Oh, and you better believe his pets helped out too. The cats mostly ignored the tiny deer but the dogs ended up being fairly protective of her.

In the end releasing her intro the wild proved difficult. The fawn had lived with her adopted family from the day she was born, they were all she knew. But as hard as saying goodbye can be, there’s no way a man can teach a deer how to be a deer. In the end, she reluctantly rejoined her kind.

The little fawn was feed every four hours and absolutely devoured her meals.
I’m pretty sure the cats just thought she was a weird looking dog.
The dogs treated her like a puppy and never let her out of their sight.
Darius made the fawn a light brace from an oatmeal box to heal its leg.
Her childhood was fairly peaceful overall.
Except when she wanted some alone time.
Or when her caregivers thought she needed a bath.
Lunch turned out to be a pretty social occasion.
In the end she was reunited with her mother though Darius says she comes around the farm from time to time.

For more on the story check out the YouTube video below!


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