Candido Godoi: City Of Twins

Identical twins are a rare and amazing phenomenon. Only about 3-5 out of 1000 births are able to produce them. Twins often share a bond far deeper than genetics and some even make up their own languages and share empathic intuition.

And often the same fashion sense.

But did you know there’s a city in Brazil that has laughed in the face of probability. A city where 1 in 5 people are identical twins. For years no one could guess at the cause of this strange phenomena. Now with new evidence coming to light the answer may have to do with a Nazi mad scientist and a convenient lie.

Birthday parties must be incredible.

Posing as a rural vet Josef Mengele (the ex-Auschwitz medic “Angel of Death”) fled to South America following the Red Army’s successful pushes into Germany. There he came upon the small town of Candido Godoi and endeared himself to the locals by treating them and their ailing farm animals. He garnered a fairly positive reputation but little did the people of Candido Godoi realize that Mengele may have been using their quiet little town as a laboratory for his genetic experiments.

Mengele is responsible for over 400,000 deaths during his time at Auschwitz. Many of them in horrific medical experiments.

It wasn’t long before patients under his care started producing twins with their pregnancies. But not just twins, blonde haired, blue eyed twins that fit the Aryan ideal to a tee. Did I mention he was big on artificial insemination (and not just with livestock.)

Life’s a little different when you spend it with your doppelganger.

This theory does have its detractors though. Brazilian geneticist Ursula Matte has theorized that the twin phenomenon is likely caused by inbreeding and points to increased twin births before Mengele arrived as evidence. Whatever the case it’s well known that Mengele was fascinated by twins and almost certainly experimented on the populous to some degree or another.


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