Wild Rabbit Island

Sometimes it seems like there’s an island for every adorable pet. I’ve already talked about the amazing island of stray dogs and the adorable island of feral cats in previous articles. What other crazy animal islands could possibly exist? How about one for bunnies? Yes, the Ōkunoshima island in the Hiroshima Prefecture of Japan is overrun by cute, squeezable, free roaming bunny rabbits!

And when I say overrun, I mean it!

The island itself has a strange history. In Word War II it was used as a chemical weapons testing ground and produced poisonous gasses until the allied forces shut it down. Now the island is more of a tourist attraction. Where once it had a chemical weapons factory, now it has a chemical weapons museum. Oh, and a golf course. But where did all the rabbits come from?

Some people just can’t handle the cuteness.

It turns out they may have been intentionally released when the factory was shut down. Other’s claim they were actually brought over and released by school children many years ago. Whatever the case the rabbits enjoy a protected status and it’s illegal to hunt or capture them. It’s also illegal to bring and cats or dogs onto the island for reasons that should be obvious.

No reason to hurt the little guys when they aren’t digging up your garden.
The bunnies are quite friendly and seemingly unafraid of people.
They can be a bit of a handful though.
The island even has a resort that’s, you guessed it, also full of rabbits.
Bunnies Attract Tourists To A Japanese Islet Okunoshima
Even a little food or attention can summon them in droves.
Plus, it’s perfectly safe for little kids, who will likely remember the experience fondly when they grow up.
They’ll eat right out of the palm of your hand.
And you’ll feed them too because who could say no to a face like this?

To see what life is like on the island, check out the video below.


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