Loggerhead Rescue

I’ve never really understood the appeal of selfies but their ubiquitousness has made them something we all just have to accept, for better or worse. Mostly, selfies are just harmless acts of vanity, capturing a moment in time to be forgotten five minutes later and stored on the internet for all eternity. Sometimes though, the quest for these snapshots can have terrible and long-lasting effects.

Last week an endangered loggerhead sea turtle in Lebanon underwent life saving surgery after suffering a terrible ordeal. It’s believed the animal was dragged from its waters, stepped on and otherwise brutalized, and even beaten, all so the attackers could take the ‘perfect’ selfies.

Who wouldn’t want to post themselves stepping on an endangered species for all to see? 

Among other injuries it appears the turtle suffered head trauma severe enough to cause salt-water to flood its sinuses. Animals Lebanon, the organization that spearheaded the rescue, has stated that the injuries would likely have been fatal if not for the quick medical intervention the loggerhead received.

The poor thing barely made it.

Unfortunately, attacks of this nature are all too common. This tragedy comes just months after a baby dolphin was killed by beachgoers in Argentina who passed it around to take pictures.

No one thought this was a bad idea?

If not for the valiant efforts of Animals Lebanon, it’s likely this endangered animal would have suffered the same fate.

They arrived on the scene very quickly.

Social media has become a powerful force in our lives. The ability to share and connect with people, instantaneously, any time and anywhere in the world is truly amazing. But likes, clicks, shares, rebloggs, ect don’t absolve us of our responsibilities as the caretakers of this world. If your ‘perfect selfie’ requires you to disturb an animal habitat, maybe it isn’t so perfect after all.



  1. People we are the dominate species but that does not mean we have to dominate everything.Remember GOD put all living beings on earth to live the lives we were given not to be beaten down and murdered.Other beings have the right to live their lives peacefully as much as we do. STOP THE ANIMAL ABUSE AND DOING EVIL..


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