Canine Samaritan

It’s hard to imagine a scenario more threatening then what young Plymouth University student Georgia Bradley experienced on her trip to Crete. While alone on the beach she was approached by aggressive men; the kind that wouldn’t take no for an answer. After refusing various invitations from the men they predictably turned violent. Who knows what might have happened if not for the brave intervention of a lone stray dog.

Who wouldn’t be intimidated by that fierce visage?

As yet another example of how dogs always have our backs, this little black haired mutt ran to her side and chased the men away with barks and other typical shows of doggy aggression. This dog in question, who was later named Pepper, turned out to be a local stray who made a living roaming the streets and cozening up to tourists for scraps. Bradley tried to get Pepper taken in my the local shelter but they refused to take her.

Apparently the shelter had a no heroes clause?

The two formed a powerful bond and even when she left for the airport, Pepper raced along the taxi to try and stay by her side. But all vacations must end and so Bradley returned home, possibly never to return. Except, she did return, 2 weeks later. Bradley couldn’t stop thinking about her 4 legged savior and would stop at nothing to find Pepper again. It took 5 weeks and six international flights but finally they were reunited, on the same beach where they first met.

Just because you’re a hero doesn’t mean you can’t be a beach bum.

Determined not to lose Pepper again, Bradley had her microchiped, dewormed, and arranged for her to be issued a pet passport. It was only then that she discovered Pepper was pregnant. Back in the UK Pepper gave birth to 6 adorable puppies. Let’s hope they inherited a fraction of her spirit.

And their mom’s fearless sense of justice.

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