Reverse Zoo

When you think about going to the zoo what comes to mind? I imagine you think of a family friendly park with helpful signs, mascots, enclosures for different types of animals, and $2.50 soft drink vending machines. In America zoos have become theme parks that substitute rollercoasters for animals in cages. Running a zoo is expensive, incredibly expensive, so you can’t blame them for trying to get by however they can but you have to admit, 10 square miles in the middle of a city is probably not the ideal place for thousands of animals from all over the word.

The Lehe Ledu Wildlife Zoo in China has a different idea. Animals need their space and so, like the Wilds, this zoo provides them larger enclosures to roam about. Unfortunately, visitors are unlikely to pay for the privilege of maybe seeing an animal or two that wanders close enough to the fences for a photo-op. Instead this zoo puts people in the cages and drives them through the habitats of dangerous and beloved exotic animals. Visitors are instructed to keep their hands and feet inside the cage at all times as zoo keepers have lined the cages with delicious meat to attract the featured animals. You’d have to be pretty brave to come face to face with a hungry lion!

It must be amazing to see a lion this close.
It’s like a petting zoo except you may not have all your fingers when you leave.
Rain or shine these animals are lured in by the sweet promise of an easy meal.
What other zoo can give you this kind of experience?
More traditional transportation is available for those who would like more safety and comfort.
The animals don’t seem to mind if you take the bus.
It’s a photo op like no other.
This is their home after all, why should they be the one in a cage?

If you want to experience this thrilling tour for yourself you better get your reservations in advance. Apparently the attraction is booked solid for the next 3 months.


One comment

  1. I wonder how it feels to be a caged human?! I wish I could be there yo see those beautiful, majestic animals; they are amazing!!


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