They Rate Dogs

Novelty Twitter accounts have been around since man first crawled from the primordial ooze (or since Twitter’s creation in 2006, whichever came first). The platform is well known for its brief, abridged, and often incomprehensible form of relaying information using only pictures and 140 characters. Categorization is somewhat unique because it uses a system of hashtags to sort through the over 2000 tweets posted every second. Is it the most efficient method of communication possible? Probably not but like all things that make it big on the internet it’s developed its own culture, slang, and library of ever changing norms and memes. Today, however, we focus on a very special twitter account, one that’s sure to brighten your day.

WeRateDogs is a simple idea on the surface. People are encouraged to send in pictures of dogs, and the twitter account gives them a rating. This is a weird idea to start with but it gets much stranger (and much cuter) the more you read. WeRateDogs doesn’t just rate dogs, they also make up facts about them. When I say make up, I mean they just pull nonsense out of the air. The results are way funnier than they should be.











As you’ve probably guessed this account isn’t meant to be taken seriously. That doesn’t mean it isn’t seriously funny though. You can check them out for yourself here.


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