Strangers In The Walls

Do you ever feel like you’re being watched? Does your house make strange noises in the dead of night that you can’t explain? Do you swear things are being moved around or food is going missing and you can’t account for it? What could cause these weird and creepy phenomena? The answer may leave you wishing you never found out.

All these things and more happened to Joe Cummings who couldn’t believe his girlfriend wasn’t the cause. He figured she was just sneaking food at night and didn’t want to admit to it. So, in the spirit of playful passive aggressiveness he set up a camera to catch her in the act. What he discovered was horrifying.

That’s right, Joe had a roommate he didn’t know about. After reviewing the footage Joe called the cops who found evidence of her stay that suggested she had been living in the crawlspace for weeks. Oh, and don’t think this was an isolated event.

An elderly woman in Washington state found a man living under her house. He might have stayed there for years if the woman hadn’t been so concerned with her heating unit.

Or how about when a mother found her ex-boyfriend living in her attic? Her children are still terrified to stay alone in the house.

And those are just some of the cases in the US. The most famous incident happened in Tokyo a few years ago. A Japanese man living alone uncovered mysterious changes to his apartment and noticed food was missing. He set up cameras only to discover a 58 year old woman was living in his closet (check out the story here). This even was so shocking there have even been songs written about it.

Still feel like you’re just being paranoid? That the late night sounds are just the house settling? That maybe you really did finish the leftovers in the fridge and you just don’t remember? You’re probably right, but you may just have a roommate you don’t know about. Sleep tight!


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